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Mechanisms of water flooding characteristic curve upwarping at high water-cut stage and influencing factors

Y Guo, L Zhang, J Yao, G Zhu, H Sun, Y Yang, T Huang

Chinese Science Bulletin (Chinese Version) | Published : 2019


Water flooding is widely used in oilfield development as a secondary recovery method owning to its effectiveness and economic feasibility. When the injected water breaks through the production well, water is produced with oil. The water flooding characteristic curve is an important method for predicting recoverable reserves, recovery rates, and oilfield development dynamics. It reflects the oil-water composition of oilfield-produced fluids. The linear relationship between the relative permeability ratio (K /K ) and water saturation (S ) in semi-log coordinates is a theoretical basis for the water flooding characteristic curve. However, many mine practices and core experiments show that the r..

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