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Cobalt recovery from the stripping solution of spent lithium-ion battery by a three-dimensional microbial fuel cell

T Huang, D Song, L Liu, S Zhang

Separation and Purification Technology | Published : 2019


Cobalt (Co) recycling from the spent LIBs not only favors the ecological protection also meets the supply chain of Co in the international market. In this research, a three-dimensional microbial-fuel-cell (3D-MFC) two-chamber system with granular activated carbon (GAC) microelectrodes was constructed to remove and recover Co from the stripping cobalt sulfate solution. The 3D bio-electrochemical (BE) system exhibited the largest voltage output and power production at 12th day during the acclimation, achieving the maximum power densities (W/m ) of 6.24, 10.29, 14.52, 12.59, and 8.78, respectively. The GAC prepared at 500 °C achieved highest removal and recovery efficiencies of Co in the 3D-MFC..

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