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Electrochemical Strategy for Flexible and Highly Conductive Carbon Films: The Role of 3-Dimensional Graphene/Graphite Aggregates.

Haoguang Huang, Peng He, Tao Huang, Shike Hu, Tao Xu, Hongyu Gu, Siwei Yang, Lixin Song, Xiaoming Xie, Guqiao Ding

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces | Published : 2019


Conductive carbon films with good flexibility are ever-increasingly desired for electronics. Previous efforts relying on graphene films to achieve this required special treatment to create wrinkles in the lamellar stacking sheet structure. Here, films with a wrinkled structure were facilely fabricated from electrochemically derived 3-dimiensional (3D) graphene/graphite aggregates, exhibiting excellent flexibility and high conductivity. The resulting films are very flexible that can bear 1000 times fold without breakage. A high conductivity up to 100 000 S m-1 can be achieved after a relatively low temperature annealing (1000 °C) owing to its low content of defect and large size of graphene/g..

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