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Electrochemical method for large size and few-layered water-dispersible graphene

H Tang, P He, T Huang, Z Cao, P Zhang, G Wang, X Wang, G Ding, X Xie

Carbon | Published : 2019


We propose an electrochemical route that can prepare few-layered water-dispersible graphene (W-Gr) ≤ 6 atomic layers in thickness and 1–50 μm in lateral size with a remarkably high yield (99%). Simultaneously, high dispersibility (2.5 mg mL−1) and excellent stability (over 6 months) of the W-Gr solution were achieved. All these are attributed to the rational design of electrolyte (NaOH + PTA) and choosing of HOPG as the anode, which ensures enhanced anode oxidation and exfoliation of the large size graphite precursor. This large size W-Gr was used to obtain surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) for Rhodamine 6G (R6G) (10−8 M).

University of Melbourne Researchers


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