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A highly sensitive hybridized soft piezophotocatalyst driven by gentle mechanical disturbances in water

W Tong, Y Zhang, H Huang, K Xiao, S Yu, Y Zhou, L Liu, H Li, L Liu, T Huang, M Li, Q Zhang, R Du, Q An

Nano Energy | Published : 2018


Promoting semiconductor photocatalytic power is expected to address global energetic and environmental challenges. Piezophotocatalysis is an effective strategy to achieve superior catalytic performance, however, realistic applications of previous piezophotocatalysts have been hampered by the ultrasonication conditions that they require. We propose a new material design to achieve superior piezophotocatalysis by combining semiconductors with a self-powered energy cushion that is driven by gentle mechanical disturbances such as water flows. The energy cushion consists of a porous composite graphene-piezoelectric polymeric film which combines piezoelectric and dielectric power generation and st..

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