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Phase-Separation-Induced PVDF/Graphene Coating on Fabrics toward Flexible Piezoelectric Sensors.

Tao Huang, Siwei Yang, Peng He, Jing Sun, Shuai Zhang, Dongdong Li, Yan Meng, Jiushun Zhou, Huixia Tang, Junrui Liang, Guqiao Ding, Xiaoming Xie

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces | Published : 2018


Clothing-integrated piezoelectric sensors possess great potential for future wearable electronics. In this paper, we reported a phase-separation approach to fabricate flexible piezoelectric sensors based on poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/graphene composite coating on commercially available fabrics (PVDF/graphene@F). The structural units of -CH2- and -CF2- of PVDF chains were arranged directionally due to the structural induction of graphene and water during phase separation, which is the key for electroactive phase enrichment. In optimized case, integrating into fabric substrates endows the phase-out PVDF/graphene composite coating 4 times higher voltage output than its film counterpart. P..

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