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Microbial fuel cells coupling with the three-dimensional electro-Fenton technique enhances the degradation of methyl orange in the wastewater.

Tao Huang, Longfei Liu, Junjun Tao, Lulu Zhou, Shuwen Zhang

Environmental Science and Pollution Research | Published : 2018


The emission of the source effluent of azo dyes has resulted in a serial of environmental problems including of the direct damage of the natural esthetics, the inhibition of the oxygen exchange, the shortage of the photosynthesis, and the reduction of the aquatic flora and fauna. A bioelectrochemical platform (3D-EF-MFCs) combining two-chamber microbial fuel cells and three dimensional electro-Fenton technique were delicately designed and assembled to explore the decolorization, bio-genericity performance of the methyl orange, and the possible biotic-abiotic degradation mechanisms. The 3D-EF-MFCs processes showed higher decolorization efficiencies, COD removals, and better bioelectricity per..

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