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Ultrasound-enhanced electrokinetic remediation for removal of Zn, Pb, Cu and Cd in municipal solid waste incineration fly ashes.

Tao Huang, Lulu Zhou, Longfei Liu, Ming Xia

Waste Management | Published : 2018


Low-frequency ultrasound generated by a transducer was investigated to activate the raw municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) fly ashes in the electrokinetic process, aiming at enhancing heavy metal (HM) removal and achieving better remedial efficacy. The maximum removal efficiencies of 69.84%, 64.24%, 67.74% and 59.93% were obtained in the orthogonal tests of ultrasonication for Zn, Pb, Cu and Cd, respectively. The acoustic time of 30 min and controlling temperature of 45 °C in the operating parameters were quantitatively determined to optimize the ultrasonication of the MSWI fly ash matrices. The changes of acoustic time had a significant effect on the extraction efficiencies of all th..

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