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An aptamer-Fe3 modified nanoparticle for lactate oxidation and tumor photodynamic therapy.

Huan Yang, Wen-Long Lu, Tao Huang, Qiu-Yun Chen, Jing Gao, Yao Zhao

Colloids and Surfaces B Biointerfaces | Published : 2018


To develop a cancer targeting lactate attenuator in vivo for cancer phototherapy and inhibition of HIF-1, we report an aptamer modified photo-responsive nanoparticle (labeled as Mn-D@BPFe-A) for lactate oxidation and cancer phototherapy. Mn-D@BPFe-A was constructed by the assembly of functional complex with BSA, followed by surface metal coordination and the recognition of Fe3+ with GAG containing sequence. Upon irradiation, Mn-D@BPFe-A NPs can oxidize water with the generation of OH, which convert lactate into pyruvate both in vitro and in vivo. Obviously, the Mn-D@BPFe-A exhibits a significant tumor ablation owing to the light driven oxidation of lactic acid and dysfunction of mitochondria..

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