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Recovery of lithium from salt lake brine of high Mg/Li ratio using Na[FeCl4 ∗ 2TBP] as extractant: Thermodynamics, kinetics and processes

J Song, T Huang, H Qiu, XM Li, T He

Hydrometallurgy | Published : 2017


A systematic investigation on the extraction of lithium from salt lake brine with high Mg/Li using a novel extractant, Na[FeCl ∗ 2TBP] , is reported with an emphasis on the extraction thermodynamics, kinetics and process. In liquid-liquid extraction, this extractant shows high separation factor of lithium/magnesium up to 178.4. Thermodynamic analysis indicated that the extraction is an exothermic process. However, when integrated with the kinetic effect, the lithium mass transfer increases at elevated temperature. The kinetics of lithium extraction by this extractant was investigated via a single drop column method. The magnesium, lithium concentration in brine, sodium, ferric concentration..

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