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A novel h-BN-RGO hybrids for epoxy resin composites achieving enhanced high thermal conductivity and energy density

T Huang, X Zeng, Y Yao, R Sun, F Meng, J Xu, C Wong

RSC Advances | Published : 2017


In recent decades, significant attention has been focused on developing composite materials with high thermal conductivity utilizing h-BN, which has outstanding thermal conductivity. However, the enhancement in thermal conductivity by using h-BN is commonly limited because of high thermal resistance between h-BN and polymer materials. Herein, we fabricated novel h-BN-RGO hybrids (h-BN-RGO), by electrostatic assembly between h-BN and GO. It is found that the addition of h-BN-RGO hybrids into epoxy resins can enhance the thermal conductivity. The samples containing 26.04 vol% h-BN-RGO exhibit the highest thermal conductivity (3.45 W m-1 K-1), which is as high as 16 times that of neat epoxy res..

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