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The Detoxification of Heavy Metals in the Phosphate Tailing-contaminated Soil through Sequential Microbial Pretreatment and Electrokinetic Remediation

T Huang, Q Peng, L Yu, D Li

Soil and Sediment Contamination An International Journal | Published : 2017


In this paper, the heavy metals (HMs) in the phosphate tailing-contaminated soil were detoxified using the microbial pretreatment in combination with electrokinetic remediation (EKR). This study provides compelling evidence that the sequential usage of the bioleaching and electrokinetics is superior to the individual method for the detoxification of Pb, Cu, Zn, Cd, and As from the contaminated soil. In the sequential system, the detoxification efficiency of Zn was the highest and that of As was the lowest. Except the element As, the detoxification efficiencies of HMs in the sequential system were generally higher than that using the single biological treatment and EKR technique. Bioleaching,..

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