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The application of homemade Neosinocalamus affinis AC in electrokinetic removal technology on heavy metal removal from the MSWI fly ash.

Kexiang Liu, Tao Huang, Xiao Huang, Lin Yu, Faheem Muhammad, Binquan Jiao, Dongwei Li

Scientific Reports | Published : 2016


This present paper was focused on the manufacture of activated carbon (AC) and its application in the electrokinetic remediation (EKR) technology on removal of the heavy metals (HMs) from the municipal solid waste incineration fly ash. AC was produced from Neosinocalamus affinis (NF) by chemical activation with H3PO4 in N2 atmosphere, the effects of activation temperatures, soaking time and impregnation ratios on the adsorption capacity of AC on HMs were examined through equilibrium adsorption experiments. The AC produced under the condition of 450 °C of activation temperature, 10 h of soaking time and 1.5 of impregnation ration was applied in the EKR experiment. The addition of AC in the S3..

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