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Controlled Interfacial Permeation, Nanostructure Formation, Catalytic Efficiency, Signal Enhancement Capability, and Cell Spreading by Adjusting Photochemical Cross-Linking Degrees of Layer-by-Layer Films.

Xinglong Luan, Tao Huang, Yan Zhou, Qi An, Yue Wang, Yaling Wu, Xiangming Li, Haitao Li, Feng Shi, Yihe Zhang

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces | Published : 2016


Interfacial properties including permeation, catalytic efficiency, Raman signal enhancement capabilities, and cell spreading efficiencies are important features that determine material functionality and applications. Here, we propose a facile method to adjust the above-mentioned properties by controlling the cross-linking degrees of multilayer using a photoactive molecule. After treating the cross-linked films in basic solutions, films with different cross-linking degrees presented varying residue thicknesses and film morphologies. As a result, these different films possessed distinct molecular loading and release characteristics. In addition, gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) of different morpholo..

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