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Immobilization of chromite ore processing residue with alkali-activated blast furnace slag-based geopolymer

X Huang, T Huang, S Li, F Muhammad, G Xu, Z Zhao, L Yu, Y Yan, D Li, B Jiao

Ceramics International | Published : 2016


Chromite ore processing residue (COPR) is an industrial waste produced in the chromic salts production process and contains a small portion of leached Cr(VI), which is highly toxic and is listed as a hazardous waste. The immobilization of COPR using a blast furnace slag-based geopolymer has been investigated in this study. The optimum parameters for preparing the blast furnace slag-based geopolymer using an orthogonal experiment were obtained. COPR was used to replace the amount of blast furnace slag for the preparation of the geopolymer. The COPR-bearing blast furnace slag-based geopolymer has potential application as a construction material and for geological disposal. The combined effect ..

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