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A Mn(II) complex of boradiazaindacene (BODIPY) loaded graphene oxide as both LED light and H2O2 enhanced anticancer agent.

Xiao-Lei Xu, Jian Shao, Qiu-Yun Chen, Cheng-Hao Li, Meng-Yun Kong, Fang Fang, Ling Ji, Daniel Boison, Tao Huang, Jing Gao, Chang-Jian Feng

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry | Published : 2016


Cancer cells are more susceptible to H2O2 induced cell death than normal cells. H2O2-activatable and O2-evolving nanoparticles could be used as photodynamic therapy agents in hypoxic environments. In this report, a photo-active Mn(II) complex of boradiazaindacene derivatives (Mn1) was used as a dioxygen generator under irradiation with LED light in water. Moreover, the in vitro biological evaluation for Mn1 and its loaded graphene oxide (herein called Mn1@GO) on HepG-2 cells in normal and hypoxic conditions has been performed. In particular, Mn1@GO can react with H2O2 resulting active anticancer species, which show high inhibition on both HepG-2 cells and CoCl2-treated HepG-2 cells (hypoxic ..

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