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Free-standing few-layered graphene oxide films: selective, steady and lasting permeation of organic molecules with adjustable speeds.

Tao Huang, Qi An, Xinglong Luan, Qian Zhang, Yihe Zhang

Nanoscale | Published : 2016


A variety of small molecules with diameters around 1 nm possess a range of functions, such as antibiotic, antimicrobic, anticoagulant, pesticidal and chemotherapy effects, making these molecules especially useful in various applications ranging from medical treatment to environmental microbiological control. However, the long-term steady delivery (release or permeation) of these small molecules with adjustable and controllable speeds has remained an especially challenging task. In this study, we prepared covalently cross-linked free-standing few-layered GO films using a layer-by-layer technique in combination with photochemical cross-linkages, and achieved a controlled release of positively ..

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