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Mono-oxido-bridged heterobimetallic and heterotrimetallic compounds containing titanium(IV) and chromium(III)

T Huang, X Wu, WW Weare, RD Sommer

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry | Published : 2014


A series of oxido-bridged heterobi- and heterotrimetallic complexes, [(tmtaa)Ti=O→Cr(Por)Cl] and [(tmtaa)Ti=O→Cr(Por)←O=Ti(tmtaa)]+ (tmtaa = 7,16-dihydro-6,8,15,17-tetramethyldibenzo[b,i][1,4,8,11]tetraazacyclotetradecine; Por = 5,10,15,20-tetraarylporphyrin), have been synthesized. To the best of our knowledge, these complexes are the first structurally characterized examples to contain a Ti=O→Cr or Ti=O→Cr←O=Ti structural motif. Crystal structures of representative heterobimetallic compounds, including the Ti=O→Cr binuclear complex 2 and two separate trimers, [Ti=O→Cr←O=Ti]SbF6 (10) and [Ti=O→Cr←O=Ti]Cl (12), are reported. The bi- and trimetallic molecules have similar structural parameter..

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