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Desulfurization behavior of Fe-Mn-based regenerable sorbents for high-temperature H2S removal

B Zeng, H Yue, C Liu, T Huang, J Li, B Zhao, M Zhang, B Liang

Energy & Fuels | Published : 2015


A series of Fe-Mn-based sorbents with different Fe/Mn mole ratios was prepared via coprecipitation for the high-temperature removal of H2S. Performance tests were carried out at 1123 K in a fixed-bed reactor, indicating that metallic Fe and MnO were the active components of the Fe-Mn-based sorbents in the hot gas. Single Fe-based sorbents exhibited a low desulfurization efficiency and effective sulfur capacity. The addition of manganese (Fe/Mn mole ratios less than 8:2) considerably improved the desulfurization efficiency and effective sulfur capacity of the Fe-based sorbents. In the first sulfidation test, effective sulfur capacities of 20.71, 20.72, and 20.14 g S/(100 g sorbent) were obtai..

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