Journal article

Visible light mediated fast iterative RAFT synthesis of amino-based reactive copolymers in water at 20 °C.

Jianyu Tong, Yi Shi, Guhuan Liu, Tao Huang, Na Xu, Zhengguang Zhu, Yuanli Cai

Macromolecular Rapid Communications | Published : 2013


The attempts to mediate iterative RAFT polymerization of ionic monomers through visible light irradiation in water at 20 °C is reported, in which complete conversions are attained in several tens of minutes and the propagation suspends/restarts immediately for multiple times on cycling irradiation. This technique suits the one-pot synthesis of NH2 /imidazole-based polymers with tuned structures from homo to random, block, random-block, and block-random-block, thus is robust and promising to control the sequence of the ionized water-soluble reactive copolymers.

University of Melbourne Researchers