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Heterophase ligand exchange and metal transfer between monolayer protected clusters.

Yang Song, Tao Huang, Royce W Murray

Journal of the American Chemical Society | Published : 2003


This paper describes reactions in which ligands are exchanged and metals are transferred between monolayer-protected metal clusters (MPCs) that are in different phases (heterophase exchange) or are in the same phase. For example, contact of toluene solutions of alkanethiolate-coated gold MPCs with aqueous solutions of tiopronin-coated gold MPCs yields toluene-phase MPCs that have some tiopronin ligands and aqueous-phase MPCs that have some alkanethiolate ligands. In a second example, heterophase transfer reactions occur between toluene solutions of alkanethiolate-coated gold MPCs and aqueous solutions of tiopronin-coated silver MPCs, in which tiopronin ligands are transferred to the former a..

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