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Nanostructured bioactive glass-ceramic coatings deposited by the liquid precursor plasma spraying process

Y Xiao, L Song, X Liu, Y Huang, T Huang, Y Wu, J Chen, F Wu

Applied Surface Science | Published : 2011


Bioactive glass-ceramic coatings have great potential in dental and orthopedic medical implant applications, due to its excellent bioactivity, biocompatibility and osteoinductivity. However, most of the coating preparation techniques either produce only thin thickness coatings or require tedious preparation steps. In this study, a new attempt was made to deposit bioactive glass-ceramic coatings on titanium substrates by the liquid precursor plasma spraying (LPPS) process. Tetraethyl orthosilicate, triethyl phosphate, calcium nitrate and sodium nitrate solutions were mixed together to form a suspension after hydrolysis, and the liquid suspension was used as the feedstock for plasma spraying o..

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