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Mathematical models incorporating a multi-stage cell cycle replicate normally-hidden inherent synchronization in cell proliferation

Sean T Vittadello, Scott W McCue, Gency Gunasingh, Nikolas K Haass, Matthew J Simpson

Journal of The Royal Society Interface | ROYAL SOC | Published : 2019


We present a suite of experimental data showing that cell proliferation assays, prepared using standard methods thought to produce asynchronous cell populations, persistently exhibit inherent synchronization. Our experiments use fluorescent cell cycle indicators to reveal the normally hidden cell synchronization, by highlighting oscillatory subpopulations within the total cell population. These oscillatory subpopulations would never be observed without these cell cycle indicators. On the other hand, our experimental data show that the total cell population appears to grow exponentially, as in an asynchronous population. We reconcile these seemingly inconsistent observations by employing a mu..

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