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Solstice and Solar Position Observations in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditions

DW Hamacher, RS Fuller, TM Leaman, D Bosun

Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage | National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand | Published : 2020


A major focus of archaeoastronomical research conducted around the world is to understand how ancient cultures observed sunrise and sunset points along the horizon, particularly at the solstices and equinoxes. Scholars argue that observations of sunrise and sunset points are useful for developing calendars and predicting seasonal change, which is the foundation of the Eurocentric four-season Julian (and later Gregorian) calendar. Famous examples include Stonehenge, Newgrange, Chichen Itza and Chankillo. Studies at these and other sites around the world tend to focus on solar point observations through alignments in stone arrangements and the orientations of monuments, such as temples. Despit..

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