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Minimising compassion fatigue in obstetrics/gynaecology doctors: exploring an intervention for an occupational hazard.

Rosemary Allen, Felice Watt, Brendan Jansen, Edwina Coghlan, Elizabeth A Nathan

Australasian Psychiatry | Published : 2017


AIM: To explore the indicators of occupational stress in a group of obstetrics and gynaecology doctors and to investigate the impact of work-focused discussion groups over a 6 month period. METHODS: The ProQOL questionnaire was used to measure the efficacy of monthly psychiatrist-led Balint style discussion groups on minimising Compassion Fatigue (consisting of Secondary Traumatic Stress and Burnout). The 25 doctors were given the given the ProQOL questionnaire to complete: (a) at the initiation of the intervention in July 2015, (b) in October 2015, and (c) in December 2015. RESULTS: Significantly decreased levels of Secondary Traumatic Stress ( p=0.008), Burnout ( p=0.010), as well as signi..

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