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From phone use to speeding and driving under influence: Identifying clusters of driving risk behaviors as an opportunity for targeted interventions.

Francisco Diego Rabelo-da-Ponte, Juliana Nichterwitz Scherer, Vinicius Roglio, Eduardo Nunes Borges, Fabiana Galland, Tanara Sousa, Ives Cavalcante Passos, Lisia von Diemen, Felix Kessler, Flavio Pechansky

J Psychiatr Res | Published : 2020


Identifying the profile of risky behaviors among drivers is central to propose effective interventions. Due to the multidimensional and overlapping aspects of risky driving behaviors, cluster analysis can provide additional insights in order to identify specific subgroups of risk. This study aimed to identify clusters of driving risk behavior (DRB) among car drivers, and to verify intra-cluster differences concerning clinical and sociodemographic variables. We approached a total of 12,231 drivers and we included 6392 car drivers. A cluster algorithm was used to identify groups of car drivers in relation to the DRB: driving without a seat belt (SB), exceeding the speed limit (SPD), using a ce..

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