Thesis / Dissertation

Effect of solidity on momentum and heat transfer of rough-wall turbulent flows

Tanvir Mahmud Saurav, Daniel Chung (ed.)

Published : 2020


A major area of interest in engineering is the skin-friction drag and convective heat transfer of surfaces in turbulent flow, such as turbine blades, marine vehicles, and airplanes. While these surfaces may appear smooth, they almost always have some form of roughness, for example, pitting on the surface of a turbine blade, barnacles on the hull of a marine vehicle, or rivets on the wings of an airplane. For a given roughness and flow speed, the Moody diagram can be used to find the frictional drag or pressure drop. A similar diagram can be constructed to find heat transfer. Although widely used, the biggest limitation of the Moody diagram is that the Nikuradse equivalent sand grain roughnes..

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