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Advances in Carbon-Based Microfiber Electrodes for Neural Interfacing.

Maryam Hejazi, Wei Tong, Michael R Ibbotson, Steven Prawer, David J Garrett

Frontiers in Neuroscience | Frontiers Media SA | Published : 2021


Neural interfacing devices using penetrating microelectrode arrays have emerged as an important tool in both neuroscience research and medical applications. These implantable microelectrode arrays enable communication between man-made devices and the nervous system by detecting and/or evoking neuronal activities. Recent years have seen rapid development of electrodes fabricated using flexible, ultrathin carbon-based microfibers. Compared to electrodes fabricated using rigid materials and larger cross-sections, these microfiber electrodes have been shown to reduce foreign body responses after implantation, with improved signal-to-noise ratio for neural recording and enhanced resolution for ne..

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