Thesis / Dissertation

Public movement analysis using location based social network data

Don Lashantha Sameera Kannangara, Egemen Tanin (ed.)

Published : 2020


Location Based Social Networks (LBSNs) provide an inexpensive source of data to analyse public movement. However, it is difficult to process LBSN to get useful information due to the sparsity and irregularity associated with data. These inherent properties of LBSN data are caused by the voluntary posting to the LBSN. Therefore we can say voluntary posting of data is both a strength and a weakness of LBSN data. In this thesis, we propose several methods to process LBSN data to extract useful information. Information from LBSN data can be used to identify areas used for movement and the most popular paths. A clever way to extract these information is to first construct a graph structure based..

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