Thesis / Dissertation

Resonant Leptogenesis and Quark-Lepton Unification with Low-Scale Seesaws

Tomasz Dutka, Raymond Volkas (ed.)

Published : 2020


The seesaw mechanism, where a hierarchy exists between the moduli of different entries of a mass mixing matrix, is a simple and theoretically attractive explanation for the observed large hierarchy between the neutral- and charged-fermion masses of the Standard Model. The simplest neutrino mass seesaw predicts that, upon diagonalisation, the physical mass states will either all be Majorana or all form pseudo-Dirac pairs. Non-minimal variants of this seesaw often generate a hybrid scenario with the physical mass states being a combination of both Majorana and pseudo-Dirac pairs. Such models often predict unique phenomenology and also allow for much lower mass scales of new physics. This thesi..

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