Thesis / Dissertation

Management of the mandibular Kennedy Class I situation using a removable partial denture supported by short implants and retained with a resilient attachment system: A within-subject crossover clinical trial

George Chris Alexopoulos, Roy Judge (ed.)

Published : 2020


The mandibular Kennedy Class I (KCI) situation is regarded as one of the more challenging clinical situations to successfully manage with a conventional removable partial denture (CRPD). Acceptance of this treatment option is generally poor. Stabilising the distal extension bases of such dental prostheses through association with strategically placed dental implants has been described; however, the evidence-levels supporting this treatment concept are low. Clinical trials employing multiple objective and subjective measures comparing implant-retained removable partial dentures (IRRPD) with CRPDs, and even with the baseline situation (shortened dental arch (SDA)), are rare. The objective ..

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