Book Chapter

The Promiscuous Screenplay: A Tale of Wanton Development and Loose Authorship

Siobhan Jackson

Script Development: Critical Approaches, Creative Practices, International Perspectives | Palgrave Macmillan | Published : 2021


The highly standardised and industrialized models dominating script development have left little room for esoteric meanderings in either screenplay form or content. Having recently completed the independent feature film You can say vagina, which employed highly unorthodox development and writing methods to generate content and performance, I am happily reminded that there are many ways to skin the cinematic cat. This project has also generated in me a proselytising urge—not to gather disciples for a particular ‘new way’ of developing screenplays, but rather to urge some old-fashioned rule breaking and rebellion. In this chapter I outline what, for this film project, was a flexible and genera..

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