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A randomised controlled trial of the immunogenicity and safety of a formaldehyde-inactivated Coxiella burnetii vaccine in 8-week-old goats

Michael Muleme, Joanne M Devlin, Angus Campbell, Gemma Vincent, Paul John Benham, Cleide Sprohnle, Andrew Stent, Alexander Cameron, Aminul Islam, Stephen Graves, Colin Wilks, John Stenos, Simon M Firestone



Coxiella burnetii causes Q fever in individuals exposed to infected ruminants. Vaccination in 3-4-month-old goats, has been reported to result in significantly greater reduction in C. burnetii shedding compared to goats vaccinated one month before breeding, the most commonly used strategy of controlling Q fever on infected intensively-managed herds. It is possible that an even greater reduction in the number of animals shedding C. burnetii could be achieved if vaccination were administered shortly after protection from colostrum antibodies wanes and animals become susceptible to infection with C. burnetii. This study aimed to evaluate the immunogenicity and safety of a formaldehyde-inactivat..

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