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Ptpn2 and KLRG1 regulate the generation and function of tissue-resident memory CD8 T cells in skin.

Katharina Hochheiser, Florian Wiede, Teagan Wagner, David Freestone, Matthias H Enders, Moshe Olshansky, Brendan Russ, Simone Nüssing, Emma Bawden, Asolina Braun, Annabell Bachem, Elise Gressier, Robyn McConville, Simone L Park, Claerwen M Jones, Gayle M Davey, David E Gyorki, David Tscharke, Ian A Parish, Stephen Turner Show all

Journal of Experimental Medicine | Published : 2021


Tissue-resident memory T cells (TRM cells) are key elements of tissue immunity. Here, we investigated the role of the regulator of T cell receptor and cytokine signaling, Ptpn2, in the formation and function of TRM cells in skin. Ptpn2-deficient CD8+ T cells displayed a marked defect in generating CD69+ CD103+ TRM cells in response to herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) skin infection. This was accompanied by a reduction in the proportion of KLRG1- memory precursor cells and a transcriptional bias toward terminal differentiation. Of note, forced expression of KLRG1 was sufficient to impede TRM cell formation. Normalizing memory precursor frequencies by transferring equal numbers of KLRG1- ce..

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