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Feeding a high oleic acid (C18:1) diet improves pleasing flavor attributes in pork

Marta Navarro, Frank R Dunshea, Allan Lisle, Eugeni Roura



One of the main drivers in consumer meat choice is flavor with some pleasing flavor attributes associated with high oleic acid (C18:1) content in the intramuscular fat. This project aimed to produce pork with a distinctively pleasant bouquet by feeding C18:1 rich macadamia oil compared to corn oil. The project also tested three feed formulations based on cereals and pulses representing different pork producing areas: corn/soy (CS), sorghum-lupins (SL), or wheat/canola (WC). Compared to corn oil, feeding macadamia oil resulted in a significant increase in the C18:1 content in pork loin (longissimus dorsi) with the CS showing a higher impact than the WC diets. Pork loins from the two CS-based ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The research was funded in part by the Australian Pork Limited. The authors would like to thank Dr. Heather Smith, Louis Dany, Nuria Elias and Jia Wen for their contribution to the sensory lab tests.