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The Relationship Between Structural and Functional Brain Changes and Altered Emotion and Cognition in Chronic Low Back Pain Brain Changes: A Systematic Review of MRI and fMRI Studies.

Sin Ki Ng, Donna M Urquhart, Paul B Fitzgerald, Flavia M Cicuttini, Sultana M Hussain, Bernadette M Fitzgibbon

Clinical Journal of Pain | Published : 2018


OBJECTIVES: Chronic low back pain (CLBP) is a major health issue, yet its underlying mechanisms remain unknown. Studies have demonstrated the importance of emotion and cognition in chronic pain; however, the relevant brain physiology in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies are unclear in CLBP populations. Therefore, this review aimed to identify MRI brain changes and examine their potential relationship with emotional and cognitive processes in CLBP. METHODS: A systematic search was conducted in 5 databases. Studies that recruited adult, CLBP populations, and used brain MRI protocols were included. RESULTS: In total, 55 studies met the inclusion criteria. Of the structural MRI studies, 1..

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