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Riset: standar pemerintah untuk “anak muda yang ideal” buta kesenjangan dan minim dukungan negara - Research: government standards for “ideal youth” inconsiderate of inequality and lack state support

Annisa Beta

Published : 2021


Since the era of the Youth Pledge in 1928 until the collapse of the New Order, various political figures and activists have often affirmed the idealism that Indonesian youths must be highly educated and have progressive minds . Some academics argue that this spirit was carried over and even strengthened in the development agenda of President Joko Widodo's government, through demands for the emergence of thousands of young digital entrepreneurs and the appointment of special staff (stafsus) from the millennial circles. In both cases above, the government expects the ideal young figure to be a university graduate with qualified financial conditions. With this capital, it is hoped that they c..

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