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There's more to death than life: Noncatalytic functions in kinase and pseudokinase signaling

Peter D Mace, James M Murphy



Protein kinases are present in all domains of life and play diverse roles in cellular signaling. Whereas the impact of substrate phosphorylation by protein kinases has long been appreciated, it is becoming increasingly clear that protein kinases also play other, noncatalytic, functions. Here, we review recent developments in understanding the noncatalytic functions of protein kinases. Many noncatalytic activities are best exemplified by protein kinases that are devoid of enzymatic activity altogether-known as pseudokinases. These dead proteins illustrate that, beyond conventional notions of kinase function, catalytic activity can be dispensable for biological function. Through key examples w..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

Pseudokinase work by P. D. M. has been supported by the Health Research Council of New Zealand and a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand. J. M. M. gratefully acknowledges the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia for fellowship (1172929) and infrastructure (9000653) support and the Victorian Government Operational Infrastructure Support Scheme.