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Diesel exhaust particulate matter induces multinucleate cells and zinc transporter-dependent apoptosis in human airway cells.

Margaret Leigh Ackland, Linda Zou, David Freestone, Simone van de Waasenburg, Agnes A Michalczyk

Immunol Cell Biol | Published : 2007


The cellular effects of biodiesel emissions particulate matter (BDEP) and petroleum diesel emissions particulate matter (PDEP) were compared using a human airway cell line, A549. At concentrations of 25 microg/ml, diesel particulate matter induced the formation of multinucleate cells. In cells treated with a mixture of 80% PDEP:20% BDEP, 52% of cells were multinucleate cells compared with only 16% of cells treated with 20% PDEP:80% BDEP with a background multinucleate rate of 7%. These results demonstrate a causal relation between the formation of multinucleate cells and exposure to exhaust particulate matter, in particular diesel exhaust. Exposure of A549 cells to PDEP induced apoptosis, se..

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