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Bioinformatic and expression analyses of genes mediating zinc homeostasis in Nostoc punctiforme.

Lee Hudek, LC Rai, David Freestone, Agnes Michalczyk, Maria Gibson, YF Song, M Leigh Ackland

Applied and Environmental Microbiology | Published : 2009


Zinc homeostasis was investigated in Nostoc punctiforme. Cell tolerance to Zn(2+) over 14 days showed that ZnCl(2) levels above 22 microM significantly reduced cell viability. After 3 days in 22 microM ZnCl(2), ca. 12% of the Zn(2+) was in an EDTA-resistant component, suggesting an intracellular localization. Zinquin fluorescence was detected within cells exposed to concentrations up to 37 microM relative to 0 microM treatment. Radiolabeled (65)Zn showed Zn(2+) uptake increased over a 3-day period, while efflux occurred more rapidly within a 3-h time period. Four putative genes involved in Zn(2+) uptake and efflux in N. punctiforme were identified: (i) the predicted Co/Zn/Cd cation transport..

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