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Copper transport during lactation in transgenic mice expressing the human ATP7A protein.

Roxana M Llanos, Agnes A Michalczyk, David J Freestone, Scott Currie, Maria C Linder, M Leigh Ackland, Julian FB Mercer

Biochem Biophys Res Commun | Published : 2008


Both copper transporting ATPases, ATP7A and ATP7B, are expressed in mammary epithelial cells but their role in copper delivery to milk has not been clarified. We investigated the role of ATP7A in delivery of copper to milk using transgenic mice that over-express human ATP7A. In mammary gland of transgenic mice, human ATP7A protein was 10- to 20-fold higher than in control mice, and was localized to the basolateral membrane of mammary epithelial cells in lactating mice. The copper concentration in the mammary gland of transgenic dams and stomach contents of transgenic pups was significantly reduced compared to non-transgenic mice. The mRNA levels of endogenous Atp7a, Atp7b, and Ctr1 copper tr..

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