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Ultrastructure of antennal sensilla in Hydrotaea armipes (Fallén) (Diptera: Muscidae): new evidence for taxonomy of the genus Hydrotaea.

Qi-Ke Wang, Xian-Hui Liu, Peng-Fei Lu, Dong Zhang

Zootaxa | Published : 2014


The morphology and ultrastructure of the antennal sensilla of male Hydrotaea (Hydrotaea) armipes (Fallén) are examined via scanning electron microscopy in order to highlight the importance of antennal sensilla as a source of morphological characters for taxonomy and phylogeny of Hydrotaea. Antennal scape and pedicel have only one type of sensilla, the sharp-tipped chaetic sensilla, whereas antennal funiculus possesses several types of sensilla, including trichoid sensilla, two subtypes of basiconic sensilla, coeloconic sensilla and clavate sensilla. These results are compared with previously published studies on other fly species, especially on H. (H.) irritans (Fallén) and H. (Ophyra) chalc..

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