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Cuticular structures on antennae of the bot fly, Portschinskia magnifica (Diptera: Oestridae).

Dong Zhang, Qi-Ke Wang, De-Fu Hu, Kai Li

Parasitol Res | Published : 2012


Portschinskia magnifica Pleske, 1926, is an endangered subcutaneous parasitic fly of voles that mimics bumblebees in appearance. Although the importance of antennae in Diptera has been repeatedly stressed, there is still a lack of morphology information of this group, let alone this species. Antennae of adult P. magnifica were studied with a stereoscopic microscope and scanning electron microscope. Six subtypes of antennal sensilla were observed on the funiculus and arista (one subtype of trichoid sensilla, one subtype of basiconic sensilla, and four subtypes of coeloconic sensilla). Sensilla on the antennal funiculus from one sample of both male and female flies were also mapped. Female P. ..

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