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Advances in Type 1 Diabetes Prediction using Islet Autoantibodies: Beyond a Simple Count.

Michelle So, Cate Speake, Andrea K Steck, Markus Lundgren, Peter G Colman, Jerry P Palmer, Kevan C Herold, Carla J Greenbaum

Endocr Rev | Published : 2021


Islet autoantibodies are key markers for the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Since their discovery, they have also been recognized for their potential to identify at-risk individuals prior to symptoms. To date, risk prediction using autoantibodies has been based on autoantibody number; it has been robustly shown that nearly all multiple-autoantibody-positive individuals will progress to clinical disease. However, longitudinal studies have demonstrated that the rate of progression amongst multiple-autoantibody-positive individuals is highly heterogenous. Accurate prediction of the most rapidly progressing individuals is crucial for efficient and informative clinical trials, and identification o..

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