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Pits and CtBP Control Tissue Growth in Drosophila melanogaster with the Hippo Pathway Transcription Repressor Tgi.

Joseph HA Vissers, Lucas G Dent, Colin M House, Shu Kondo, Kieran F Harvey

Genetics | Published : 2020


The Hippo pathway is an evolutionarily conserved signaling network that regulates organ size, cell fate, and tumorigenesis. In the context of organ size control, the pathway incorporates a large variety of cellular cues, such as cell polarity and adhesion, into an integrated transcriptional response. The central Hippo signaling effector is the transcriptional coactivator Yorkie, which controls gene expression in partnership with different transcription factors, most notably Scalloped. When it is not activated by Yorkie, Scalloped can act as a repressor of transcription, at least in part due to its interaction with the corepressor protein Tgi. The mechanism by which Tgi represses transcriptio..

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