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Nanofabrication of high Q, transferable diamond resonators

Blake Regan, Aleksandra Trycz, Johannes E Froch, Otto Cranwell Schaeper, Sejeong Kim, Igor Aharonovich



Advancement of diamond based photonic circuitry requires robust fabrication protocols of key components - including diamond resonators and cavities. Here, we present 1D (nanobeam) photonic crystal cavities generated from single crystal diamond membranes utilising a metallic tungsten layer as a restraining, conductive and removable hard mask. The use of tungsten instead of a more conventional silicon oxide layer enables good repeatability and reliability of the fabrication procedures. The process yields high quality diamond cavities with quality factors (Q-factors) approaching 1 × 104. Finally, we show that the cavities can be picked up and transferred onto a trenched substrate to realise ful..

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Awarded by Australian Research council

Awarded by Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors acknowledge the funding from the Australian Research council (via DP180100077 and CE200100010), the Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development grant: FA2386-20-1-4014. The authors would like to thank the ANFF UTS hub for access to their facilities. The authors thank Kumar Ganesan for access to ion implantation facilities. The authors would like to thank Milad Nonahal for his fruitful discussions.