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Dairy foods, calcium, and risk of breast cancer overall and for subtypes defined by estrogen receptor status: a pooled analysis of 21 cohort studies

You Wu, Ruyi Huang, Molin Wang, Leslie Bernstein, Traci N Bethea, Chu Chen, Yu Chen, A Heather Eliassen, Neal D Freedman, Mia M Gaudet, Gretchen L Gierach, Graham G Giles, Vittorio Krogh, Susanna C Larsson, Linda M Liao, Marjorie L McCullough, Anthony B Miller, Roger L Milne, Kristine R Monroe, Marian L Neuhouser Show all



BACKGROUND: Epidemiologic studies examining the relations between dairy product and calcium intakes and breast cancer have been inconclusive, especially for tumor subtypes. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the associations between intakes of specific dairy products and calcium and risk of breast cancer overall and for subtypes defined by estrogen receptor (ER) status. METHOD: We pooled the individual-level data of over 1 million women who were followed for a maximum of 8-20 years across studies. Associations were evaluated for dairy product and calcium intakes and risk of incident invasive breast cancer overall (n = 37,861 cases) and by subtypes defined by ER status. Study-specific multivariable hazar..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The centralization, checking, harmonization, and statistical analyses of the participant-level data from each of the cohorts were supported by NIH (grant CA55075 to WCW) and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (to WCW). YW was supported by the China Scholarship Council, the Muriel K. and David R. Pokross and Joan P. and Ronald C. Curhan Doctoral Student Support Fund in Nutrition, and the Mayer Fund. For each cohort, funding, acknowledgements, and disclaimers are listed in Supplemental Table 10. The funders did not have any role in the design, implementation, analysis, or interpretation of the data. The Pooling Project of Prospective Studies of Diet and Cancer is a project within the National Cancer Institute Cohort Consortium.