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Radionuclides and stable elements in vegetation in Australian arid environments: Concentration ratios and seasonal variation

Maria Angelica D Rea, Mathew P Johansen, Timothy E Payne, Gillian Hirth, Jim Hondros, Samantha Pandelus, William Tucker, Tim Duff, Attila Stopic, Liesel Green, Allan Pring, Claire E Lenehan, Rachel S Popelka-Filcoff



Data on the uptake of elements and radionuclides by flora from soils in arid environments are underrepresented in international databases, especially when comparing across seasons. This study improved the understanding on the uptake of natural uranium-series radionuclides, as well as more than 30 elements, in a range of Australian native flora species that are internationally representative of an arid/semi-arid zone (e.g. Acacia, Astrebla, Atriplex, and Dodonea). Results indicate that the soil-to-plant uptake ratios were generally higher when compared with international data for grasses and shrubs from more temperate environments. The majority of the elemental concentrations in grasses were ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge the following individuals and institutions for their contributions and support: Martin Jane and Kathryn Levingstone (Heathgate Resources) , Matthew Roberts and Neil Camillo (BHP) , Andrew Oswald, Mark Longbottom, Mark Zanker and Nicholas Jones (OZ Minerals) for field sampling support. We thank Sandra Sdraulig, Ilonka Bokor, Atun Zawadzki, Sabika Maizma, Jennifer Harrison, Sangeeth Thiruvoth, Adella Silitonga, and Kerry Wilsher for their assistance with the gamma and alpha spectroscopy; Dr. Sarah Gilbert (Adelaide Microscopy, an Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility) for assistance in LAICPMS; Jessica Penrose, James Campbell and Louis Gillespie for assistance in ERICA modelling and data organisation. This work was funded and supported by the National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) ; BHP, Heathgate Resources, OZ Minerals, ANSTO, ARPANSA, AINSE Postgraduate Research Award for SP, and the 19/20 AINSE Early Career Researcher Grant for MADR.