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Electricity in the air: Insights from two decades of advanced control research and experimental flight testing of airborne wind energy systems

C Vermillion, M Cobb, L Fagiano, R Leuthold, M Diehl, RS Smith, TA Wood, S Rapp, R Schmehl, D Olinger, M Demetriou

Annual Reviews in Control | Elsevier BV | Published : 2021


Airborne wind energy systems convert wind energy into electricity using tethered flying devices, typically flexible kites or aircraft. Replacing the tower and foundation of conventional wind turbines can substantially reduce the material use and, consequently, the cost of energy, while providing access to wind at higher altitudes. Because the flight operation of tethered devices can be adjusted to a varying wind resource, the energy availability increases in comparison to conventional wind turbines. Ultimately, this represents a rich topic for the study of real-time optimal control strategies that must function robustly in a spatiotemporally varying environment. With all of the opportunities..

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