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Impact of bubble coalescence in the determination of bubble sizes using a pulsed US technique: Part 1-Argon bubbles in water

Rachel Pflieger, Julia Bertolo, Lea Gravier, Sergey Nikitenko, Muthupandian Ashokkumar



A powerful experimental approach to measure the size distribution of bubbles active in sonoluminescence and/or sonochemistry is a technique based on pulsed ultrasound and sonoluminescence emission. While it is an accepted technique, it is still lacking an understanding of the effect of various experimental parameters, including the duration of the pulse on-time, the nature of the dissolved gas, the presence of a gas flow rate, etc. The present work, focusing on Ar-saturated water sonicated at 362 kHz, shows that increasing the pulse on-time leads to the measurement of coalesced bubbles. Reducing the on-time to a minimum and/or adding sodium dodecyl sulfate to water allows to reducing coalesc..

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Awarded by program for scientific mobility of the French Embassy in Australia

Awarded by University of Melbourne

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the program for scientific mobility of the French Embassy in Australia (833171 E, 2014) and by the University of Melbourne (PRC0988 UCAB, 2015).